(BLEM) 132cc Big Bore Kit - CRF 110F

(BLEM) 132cc Big Bore Kit - CRF 110F

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WARNING! These kits are not perfect and have some slight marks in the bore. run the hone through them and they will be good as new or just install them as they are. They will still function perfectly, just might not last quite as long as a perfect bore.


Get your 110 absolutely launching with our 132cc big bore kit.

The largest bore you can go without modifying your cases.

Ready to go kit, no extra parts needed!


Aluminium bore with steel sleeve.

55mm lightweight Aluminium pitson.

EFI Senser port for 2019+ models.

Includes all required gaskets.

NOTE: You will need to re-tune your ecu on 19+ models for your engine to run correctly with this kit.

We offer a custom tuning service, contact us for more information.


CRF 110F All Years