Big Valve, Ported & Cammed Racing Head - CRF 110F

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Unlock your engines potential with our Pre-assembled Big valve Ported & Cammed Racing head.

With increased Fuel & Air intake capabilities and better exhaust gas flow your engine will be able to take full advantage of any big bore big from 128cc up to 147cc

Ready to go kit, pre assembled with no extra parts needed apart from gaskets.


Forged Aluminium construction.

29mm Intake Port - Bored out by hand for optimal flow. 28mm throttle body reccomended.

25mm Exhaust Port - Pairs perfectly with our MK-III Exhaust System.

28mm Oversized inlet valve. 22mm Exhaust valve.

High Lift Racing Cam - Pre-installed with HD valve springs.

Made in Thailand.

NOTE: You will need to re-tune your ecu on 19+ models for your engine to run correctly with this head.

We offer a custom tuning service, contact us for more information.


CRF 110F All Years