ECU Tune Re-Flash - CRF110

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Mail in ECU Re-flashing service.

If you're upgradeing your engine parts then you are going to need a new tune to ensure your bike runs correctly and doesn't damage itself.

We offer a mail in ECU Re-flashing service. You mail your ECU to us and we'll flash the map on and send it back.

Once an order is placed we will contact you within 24hrs with shipping labels and instructions. We may charge you extra shipping depending on location.


STAGE 1 - Designed specifically for our Stage 1 Performance kit. Gains close to double the horespower in the top end with an increased limiter you're stock engine will scream!

However there is minimal gains in bottom end performance but with some gearing tweaks this can be a super fun setup!

STAGE 2 - Designed specifically for our Stage 2 Performance kit. Delivers awesome bottom end torque with great mid-top end power giving you that all round power upgrade that the 110 needs.

NOTE: Our ECU tunes are made with Australian fuel and climate. If you're after something suited best for the U.S.A check out CJR Performance.


CRF 110F 2019-2024 (EFI)